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Alert: Belt Bag Obsession!

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Photography by: GS Loop
Photography by: GS Loop

Do you remember the days of carrying a big purse with you everywhere and also having a Michael Kors wallet the size of a brick? Yeah, same...and while I still have my times when I do that for reasons like work and having to carry a ton of things, I have a new simplistic bag addiction...the belt bag.

If you've seen me lately (which you probably haven't because of Coronavirus), I have been obsessed with wearing my belt bags. Belt bags are the perfect solution to having a small place to keep all of my belongings while still having my hands free and nothing falling down my shoulder.

When this trend first began a couple of years back with the large Gucci packs, I wasn't a huge fan. At first it seemed like it was angled more towards men and just not my style. Plus, "fanny packs" never seemed cool to me, they screamed, "tourist" or something my grandparents would have worn in the 80's. However, as time went on, I started liking this style more and I figured that it would be silly for me not to try as I already have a sportier fashion style to begin with.

When I started my belt bag journey, I purchased a plain black one from Uniqlo. It's been great to have when I am running errands in my workout clothes or going for a run, but it isn't exactly one you'd want to wear when you are looking your best. My next one was a mini black crossbody bag from Zara which is probably supposed to be worn as a longer purse, but I actually keep it short and wear it closer to my chest like a belt bag. It's nicer than the Uniqlo one because it's leather and a bit more stylish, but there isn't much room for your essentials.

Since the warm weather has started approaching I've been on the hunt for a new bag that was a lighter color for the summer and a bit nicer for going out to dinner or wearing with a cute outfit. So, I recently purchased a Coach belt bag in the color "white/chalk" (pictured). I love this bag because it is chic and simple. I am one for neutral tones that can be worn with anything, so this pack fit perfectly into my wardrobe. The inside is a decent size, the strap is super comfortable, and there is a hidden zipper in the back for any more important items. One of the best things about Coach is that all of their bags come with small leather tags that you can have monogramed (the monogram options are endless and so cute!). You can either customize it online when ordering or you can go into any Coach store and have it done for free instantly!

The belt bag has easily become a wardrobe staple of mine for 2020 and I hope this trend lasts as long as possible. I highly recommend this accessory for anyone who likes a simple look and ready to bust a move with your hands in the air...and to wave 'em like you just don't care!

Here are some other belt bags that I am loving:




Mark & Graham

Photography by: GS Loop
Photography by: GS Loop
Photography by: GS Loop
Photography by: GS Loop

What I Want To Know: What's a fashion trend that you have been gushing over?

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