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How to Start Viewing Your Health from a Positive Perspective

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

For decades and decades people have viewed getting healthy as an annoying and negative undertaking in their everyday lives. It's always too difficult, not realistic enough, not sustainable, or just downright miserable. And worse than anything, it's an ongoing yo-yo cycle that most of us work our entire lives to figure out how to get out of. I strongly believe this negative outlook comes from the bleak diet culture that is engraved in us from a young age.

So how the heck do we try and get out of this rut of ongoing negative feelings and thoughts? How do we remove the self-hate ideology and *finally* get just get healthy?

For me, it started with viewing a "healthy lifestyle" from a different perspective.

My tips below will give you the scoop on the realistic ways YOU can finally get out of your head and start on the road to living your happiest and healthiest you! With zero pressure.


1. Throw away the word "diet". It's garbage. Swap it with, "my lifestyle".

It's all about the mindset, people! It's time to throw that "diet" word away and replace it with a beautiful new lifestyle that you deserve to have. In my opinion, labeling yourself as "on a diet" then layers on so many weighted emotions. Emotions of pressure, anxiety, expectation to perform and to drop that weight until you are so exhausted that you give up, feel like you've let yourself down and hop back on that yo-yo cycle again. By changing your perspective and committing to a healthier version of you and a healthier lifestyle, you will *hopefully* start seeing things a bit differently and more accomplishable. It's time to take all of the "diet" pressure off and to live each day with a new perspective on what health means to you.

2. Friend & follow those who inspire you on social media.

I'm here to tell you that it is okay to let go of those fitness models with the 6-pack abs that you follow on social media. I understand that a lot of people may follow these accounts as a way to inspire themselves, but in a lot of ways I find this toxic. I have found that by following women who look more like myself with my body type are those I am more inspired by because I can realistically look up to them and relate to their lifestyle. Of course, this sways depending on who you are and your body type, so follow accordingly! Follow those who genuinely bring you joy.

3. Think of your health in terms of longevity.

A large part of my path to getting healthier has been by looking at my health in terms of longevity. What kind of life do I want to live when I am in my 30s, 40s, 50s, and so on? I've learned lessons from family members who suffer from heart disease, depression, and a lot more. I would prefer not to have to deal with those things in my life...so how do I try my best to not let that happen? I commit to living a healthier me. The main point that drives me most is knowing that I want to be a mother and have a big family someday. If I have a family of my own, I want/need to be there for them and want to see them grow for as long as I can! It's the bigger picture.

4. Let's focus less on how you look and more on how you FEEL.

I know that you're probably thinking, "LOL, Kimmy. Of course I am thinking about what I want to look like if I want to get healthier and shed some weight." Of course, I know that, but it cannot be your 100% focus or else it can backfire. We don't need any backfiring here! We are on a mission to have a sustainable healthy life.

I remember when I first started working with my holistic nutritionist and I was focusing a lot on the fact that I wanted to lose weight. She told me to reel it in and to just focus on what I was feeding my body and how I was feeling and that the weight loss would happen naturally on its own (and it did).

Another reason to unfollow those unrealistic fitness accounts...

5. Find movements activities that you genuinely enjoy and that you look forward to.

Getting up and moving can be one of the hardest parts of leading a healthier lifestyle, it takes a lot of hard work and pushing yourself! My best advice for this is to find something you genuinely really like and that you can look forward to doing everyday. Whether that is taking a class at the gym with teammates around you (and with a mask on), going on long walks/runs with a friend, a yoga flow, or a HIIT workout in your living room...it's all about finding movement that you enjoy and can do consistently.

6. Set yourself up for success and stay consistent.

Consistency is key my friends! Along with building a more positive perspective comes setting yourself up for success and scheduling when needed. Planning when necessary will leave you feeling more in control of your days and upcoming plans. As human beings we are going to have weddings, BBQs and other gatherings to attend. By planning ahead of time you are allowing yourself time to prepare for what's to come. Personally, I like planning ahead in order to get myself into a mindset where I feel more in control and ready for the event ahead. I personally never want to feel anxious or uncomfortable attending events that may cause me to want to overindulge when I know that is not what I really want. So I give myself time to encourage myself with positive thoughts and put a trusted plan in place.

7. Be realistic and never deprive yourself.

Now let's not drive ourselves crazy over here. Have the stupid piece of delicious cake, stop for Cinnabon at a pitstop on a road trip, have fun day drinking with your friends (when we can). Depriving ourselves never works, it sucks. Remind yourself that you're allowed to have your fun and still be a "normal person" by having treats and meals with fats (because fats are so flipping good for you!). Take that pressure off of yourself, because this is a lifestyle now, isn't it? However, with this also comes the point of moderation. Always allow yourself to have those treats, but don't make yourself sick. At a certain point you will also realize that you may not crave the unhealthier foods that you once did...it's funny how your body and mind naturally start to change.

8. Take it a day at a time and SHOW UP FOR YOU.

Committing to a more positive outlook and attitude on this healthier lifestyle is FOR YOU. Do with it what you want and take it a day at a time. Try not to let others persuade you otherwise!


Changing to a positive perspective has ultimately led me to be the happiest I have felt about myself and my body in a long time. I decided that I was going to go into with a less let pressure than I used to be when being on diets and dropping weight. I focused on my "why" and what really drove me to wanting a happier, better lifestyle for myself and the rest followed.

Please realize that this body that you have currently have and will always have, even though it may change throughout the seasons, is the body that has given you so much. Your body has accomplished so much for you, has gone through pain and heartache, love and happiness, and is strong as hell. Your body will continue to walk you through life...it's your friend! Treat your body-friend the way you treat your human friends. With respect and love!

Photography by: Glenda Loop

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