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July 2020 | Book Club Pick!

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

After a member vote between two different books, a winner has been chosen for the month of July!

Such a Fun Age

by: Kiley Reid

Important Information

When should I start reading?

As soon as you purchase/rent/download the book!

Should I take any notes as I read?

Yes! It is encouraged to jot down any of your thoughts or talking points to discuss during our meeting.

When is our book club meeting?

If all remains on schedule I plan for the meeting to be on:

Wednesday, July 29th @ 7:00PM

Where is our book club meeting?

Our meeting will be in Stamford, CT. I will send out a private invite to the members with the outdoor location.

For those of you who do not live in Stamford and would still like to meet, I plan on trying my hardest to Zoom you into our conversation! These details will be sent closer to the date.

Where can I find updates and important information?

Once you have let me know of your interest in joining and have given me your information I will add you to my email list and "close friends" group on my Instagram story. I also have a Looped In's Book Club group on Facebook that you can be added to.

Can I still join?

Yes! Please email me or message me on Facebook or Instagram!


I am very excited to start this club off with a bang and I am looking forward to creating a fun and open space for all of us book worms to discuss!

Please message me with any questions or comments!


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