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Monthly Favorites: February 2021

A monthly series of all of the goodies that I am currently obsessing over!



Resistance bands


I purchased these resistance bands from Amazon to add to my home gym equipment stash. If you have been checking me out on Instagram, you know that I love working out with the Alive by Whitney Simmons App! A lot of her exercises require gym equipment, however over this past year with Covid-19 Whitney has included tons of at-home exercises requiring very little equipment. With that being said, one still needs some at-home gym toys! These bands have been great to have on my upper body strength days.



"Brielle" Coach Booties


I splurged a bit on these black "Brielle" Coach booties and I have zero regrets! I've been on the hunt for a pair of booties with a higher heel since I wear a lot of wider legged pants and need the height to elongate my legs. I was so happy to find that while these boots have a decent sized heel they are also extremely comfortable. They are currently on sale and I'm trying SO hard to hold myself back from purchasing the "dusty rose" color. Grab them while you can!



Simply Inulin


I recently purchased this Simply Inulin by The Method powder. After doing my research and hearing a lot of influencers rave over the benefits of having inulin in your daily diet, I needed to give this a go. (Before order I did consult my holistic nutritionist to hear her thoughts on the product). Inulin is a superb source of fiber. It assists with appetite control, promotes weight loss, contains probiotics that support gut health, reduces bloating, curbs sweet cravings, can help with skin issues, has zero calories and so much more. I have been taking it for about a week and a half and can easily say that I notice that my hunger levels aren't quite as high and I can feel it really working in my gut. All good things! The only issue is that they do not ship to the state of Connecticut, so I had to get it delivered to my cousin in Manhattan and she had to forward it on to me. So be sure to check shipping details.



Cotton Blanket


This cotton blanket Amazon was the very first thing I purchased for my first apartment. I grew up with my grandmother always having these waffle patterned cotton blankets around the house, and they were always so comfortable and keep me warm during the cold months. What I love most about this cotton blanket is that I will have it forever. With it being white especially, it fits in anywhere in my apartment, whether that's on the couch or my bed. It's a timeless comfort piece to have a home!



Rodham: A Novel

By: Curtis Sittenfeld


Some of you may be thinking... "Kimmy haven't you been reading this book for like 3 months?" The answer to that is, yes, yes I have. I know how sad that it but I've been in and out of having the motivation to read lately. However, over the past week I have finally dived back into it and should be finishing it any day now!

Rodham is a novel written by Curtis Sittenfeld that takes you through Hillary Clinton's life, mainly highlighting her time as a student in law school at Yale University where she met Bill Clinton. I would say it's 50% nonfiction and 50% fiction. Here's the catch: This book is written as if Hillary never ended up marrying Bill...so where does Hillary go after the brutal breakup? Does she marry someone else? Does she eventually get into politics? Does she have children? You'll have to read to find out...it's so good!

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