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Monthly Favorites: January 2021

A monthly series of all of the goodies that I am currently obsessing over!

Yes...I know I am a bit late with last month's favorites, but here it is!



Lap Desk


I've been doing a lot of work from my bed and the couch lately...and I think that a lot of us can say this! Thinking back to lap desks as a kid makes me laugh. They were plastic, strange colors and just felt very kid-ish in general. When I realized how much I could benefit from one as an adult though, I was on the hunt for the perfect one. Enter: Amazon.

After searching for a while and going through reviews I ultimately went with this I found this HUANUO lap desk from Amazon. What I love most about it is that the table itself lifts up at an angle to make different positions comfortable for you. Plus, about a quarter of the table stays put so that you can place your beverage or notebook on the side (there's also an extra secret cup holder on the side). It's been great when I am working in bed or just want to use it as a stand for my computer while I am watching Netflix in bed.



Skims Waffle Robe


2021: The year of robe collecting.

I've been someone who has worn a robe for YEARS when getting ready after a shower, but I have never jumped into actually building a robe collection. I've been doing lots of research on different robes, there are so many! Some for just lounging, sexy robes, sleep robes, knit, waffle, etc. Unfortunately, like most things, the robes that I am more drawn to are the more expensive ones. Can I afford them? Not really. So I gave Santa a little hint for Christmas this past year. I ultimately decided that I wanted to try this Waffle Robe from Skims in the color Ochre. After hearing so much praise over Skims, I wanted to give the brand a try for myself and I am here to tell you that this robe is so comfortable! Now I need to keep adding to this new collection of me!



Essential Oil Diffuser


I've been using my oil diffuser a lot recently as I've been a bit more anxious than usual. After doing my research on the different essential oils that I have I have been able to figure out which oils work best for what I need. When laying in bed I usually drop in either lavender or peppermint oil which are both helpful in reducing stress and helping you relax. My diffuser has been a great part of my nighttime routine. While I can no longer find my specific diffuser, this one from Amazon is very similar (plus it comes with a ton of oils).



Plant from IKEA


I really suck at taking care of living plants. So I buy artifical ones. I wish I had that natural green thumb, but I ultimately don't have the patience for it. Luckily these days the options for artificial plants are endless. I see them everywhere, including in IKEA! I purchased this FEJKA potted plant during my last trip to IKEA. It was only about $40 and it's fit in perfectly as a side piece next to my fireplace. The only thing I need to buy separate from it is a pot and stand...still on the hunt!



In Good Taste - Wine Tasting


Covid-19 has definitely made wine tasting tricky...plus it's winter time. My cousins and I wanted to give our grandparent's something special for Christmas this past year as they are usually traveling the world but haven't been able to do so under the world's current circumstances. We wanted to find a virtual experience for them! Enter: In Good Taste Wines. We stumbled upon In Good Taste Wines which is a small business that provides online virtual live wine tasting! The process was so simple. All you need to do is get onto your website, order your case of assorted wines and book your tasting date. A Zoom link is then sent for your meeting and you have a personalized host from In Good Taste Wines to walk you through everything you are tasting. The best part is that it can be a group of just two people tasting or 20 people, you all just Zoom in! It was a great experience and I highly recommend for holidays, birthday parties, or a date night.

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