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Mother's Day in Quarantine

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Hands down one of the best Mother's Days I have celebrated! With this year having a different vibe than others because of Covid-19, it pushed me to think outside-of-the-box and get a bit more creative than I have in the past. In previous years I've mainly arranged brunches and dinners, which has always been a nice treat, but thinking back on it now...there wasn't much effort and intention put in. Not like this year.

To give a little background on my family dynamic, I come from a blended family. In terms of celebrating Mother's Day I have my mom, my stepmom and the women in her family, and my grandma on my dad's side. Because of the double mom duty, I tend to have more ground to cover and Mother's Day is a full on day of driving between events. Since I have more time on my hands this year, I was able to think ahead of what I wanted to have planned for May 10th.

Here is what my day looked like:

Stop #1: Surprise my stepmom with a "Mom-Mosa" bar when she woke up.

I honestly felt like Santa at 7:00AM getting this bar prepped with the prosecco, juice, flowers, fresh fruit, and her gift. (Side note: Um hey Santa, can I please have Prosecco this year....a lot of it?) My younger sister and I thought it would be fun to make this a surprise as adults hardly ever get the pleasure of a little surprise. This simple spread made my stepmom so happy and we had a lot of fun putting it together On top of this, we had breakfast made for her and a little slideshow with fun pictures of the whole family.

Stop #2: A "Mom-Mosa" picnic with my mom.

I usually head to church with my mom on Mother's Day and then we go to a restaurant for brunch. Unfortunately, my older brothers do not live close by, so I try to make this day as special as I can. Since restaurants are not open this year, I decided it would be fun to put together some mimosa ingredients and lunch bites in a cooler! My mom and I met up near the water for a good view and enjoyed our drinks with a salad and sandwich that I ordered from a local shop. This year made me realize that the small details go a long way and are what make people smile the most. It was a nice time enjoying the sun with my mom and chatting for a couple of hours over some cocktails.

Stop 3: Limeade with my grandma.

My dad, stepmom, sister and I made a trip to my grandparent's house to sit on their back porch for a chat and to sip on some fresh limeade. We brought our homemade gift and cards and it lit up my grandma's whole day! During Covid we haven't been able to spend time with my grandparents, so having this time outside with nice weather and a cup of freshly squeezed limeade (compliments of my sister) was a simply perfect way of catching up.

With a rather tight budget at the moment, I wasn't able to go out and buy everyone a gift like I usually do. Instead, I did research with my sister to make homemade gifts for all of the ladies...and I must say, I think they all liked them even more than the store bought gifts. It goes to show that just a little more thought and detail put into an occasion goes a very long way. People appreciate thoughtfulness and moments filled with intention and love.

Cardboard initials with yarn wrapped around as a homemade gift!
Cardboard initials with yarn wrapped around as a homemade gift!

Although this weird time has put a wrench in a lot of our normal plans it has had a funny way of making us appreciate our time with our loved ones a lot more and getting creative with what we do together. This Mother's Day was one for the books in a few different ways, and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

What I want to know: Did you have to think outside-of-the-box for Mother's Day this year? What did you end up doing with the ladies in your family?

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