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My 6 Current Obsessions

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Blue Light Glasses

As someone who is constantly on their computer and phone for work, I decided to give blue light glasses a try. I've looked into a few different brands but ultimately like these TIJN glasses from Amazon. My nutritional therapist also mentioned using these during my night time routine so that my eyes aren't too strained before bed each night. I was a bit worried about the shape at first because they give Harry Potter vibes, but I think they suit me well!


Becoming on Netflix

All hail former first lady, Michelle Obama! I LOVE this woman. I never got around to reading her book, Becoming, but then I noticed they had released the documentary on Netflix. I admire how honest she is about her life, the struggles she has gone through, and the accomplishments she has achieved. She spreads an inspirational message to reach for your dreams and to take them, no matter what others say or think of you. I highly recommend this!


Truly Lemonade Hard Seltzer

Truly Lemonade Hard Seltzers are where it is at! I don't think I've stopped telling my friends and family about them. I've liked the regular Truly's for the past couple of summers but I recently tried their new spiked lemonade pack and I can easily say this is now my favorite summer drink. As you may have heard in a previous post, I have a newly found allergy to certain alcohols, so I've been dabbling with different drinks to see what I can and cannot drink. I have not had a reaction to vodka, so Truly's have been my best friend. My favorite flavor is the strawberry lemonade, but they also have cherry, mango, and classic lemonade. Plus they are gluten free and only 100 calories!


Mini Gold Hoops

Balladaar hoops (second hold), Mejuri hoops (first hole)
Belladaar hoops (second hole), Mejuri hoops (first hole)

All of my friends know that if there is one thing I will spend my money on, it's my jewelry. I recently got my second holes pierced (for the third time) back in February and I have been patiently waiting to switch out the studs to a cute set of tiny gold hoops. I have a few different boutique shops I always stick to when buying jewelry because I like a very simplistic, dainty style. For my second holes I bought these 14k gold mini huggiesfrom Belladaar and from Mejuri I bought these 14k gold small hoops for my first holes. Although they are a bit on the pricier side, I'd rather spend more money on something that is worn every single day and that lasts forever. I love the multiple-hoop look, plus it goes with every outfit!


Hollywood on Netflix

Hollywood on Netflix was a major obsession of mine over the past couple of weeks. I wish this was one of those series that was 30 episodes! This miniseries is set to take place post World War II in Hollywood while following different actors as they chase their dreams to become big on the screen. The sets, props, and music are just a few of the things I was gushing over. I also enjoyed how it focused on the important topics of how women and the gay community were discriminated against but then came to make huge strides to becoming more equal in the television industry.



After two years of feeling uncomfortable in my body, I finally bought myself a two piece! I browsed through Amazon because this seems to be the primary place where I shop at the moment and found this cute set from the brand IRCRAZY. I wasn't sure how it would fit because I'm usually one to try on suits before buying them but I ordered a large and it fits well. I wore it yesterday for the first time and felt so great!


What I Want To Know: What are YOU obsessing over at the moment?

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