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My 6 Current Obsessions [August 2020]

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Looped In's Tote Bag

I thought it would be so much fun to give Looped In some march! Soooo here is our tote bag! Tote bags are my absolute favorite accessory because they are easy to run errands with, bring to the beach or pool, or to put your books in for book club.

If you would like to purchase one they are on sale for $10. Please request an order by messaging me on Instagram or here. Don't forget to take some cute pics and tag @looped__in!

Trader Joe's Organic Coconut Granola

I'd like to thank the Trader Joe God's above for producing this lovely organic toasted coconut granola. This granola is gluten free and is filled with a combination of rolled oats, cornflakes, sprouted quinoa, almonds, and toasted coconut chips. It has been the perfect crunchy addition to my protein smoothie bowls that I've been making for breakfast and lunch. You can either buy in store or even off of Amazon here!

Kristin Ess Hair Products

I've been using Kristin Ess' shampoo, conditioner, and reconstructive moisture hair mask for the past month and have fallen completely in love! I recently got some balayage work done on my hair and my hair stylist mentioned Kristin's products because while they are of amazing quality they are also affordable. Plus, the fragrance of these products is incredible and the packaging is the cutest. You can find these products and more all at Target!

Arbonne Gel Eye Masks

Arbonne's RE9 Advanced Prepwork Gel Eye Masks have been such a nice treat for under my eyes! These eye masks are filled with antioxidants, omegas, and phytonutrients which in turn help decrease puffiness and wrinkles. I have loved using these in the morning when I wake up or after I've been in the sun all day once.

Pride Prejudice & Other Flavors

If you are a part of Looped In's Book Club, Pride Prejudice & Other Flavors by Sonali Dev is our read for the month of August! I am loving the writing style and the story line, it's completely gotten me hooked in. I can't wait to discuss later this month with the group!

Old Navy Hair Clips

You know how Old Navy has all of the little goodies near their checkout line that completely reel you in? Yep, that's where I found these clips! These hair clips are all the rage right now and I am excited to give these babies a try during my next night out (safely following Covid-19 guidelines of course).


What I want to know: What are your current obsessions!?

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