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My Daily Self-Care Routine

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Self-care has been a large part of my daily routine for most of my life. My mom and grandmother taught me from a young age how to take care of my skin, read, write, and to exercise when I can. Plus, I'm not sure if it's just a Pisces thing, but since I was little I've enjoyed my routines and having quiet time alone to reflect and relax.

Now some of you may be asking, what exactly is self-care?

"Self-care is the continual practice of activities that contribute to your overall physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health." - Tiffany Ima

Once I graduated from college and hit the real world I became serious about putting together a daily self-care routine for myself. It was important for my mental, physical, and emotional health, especially because I was commuting into Manhattan by train from Connecticut everyday. As one can imagine, this took a lot out of me and was very stressful. I quickly learned to establish a routine that would benefit me in the areas of my life that were on the inside; daily practices for my brain, heart, and soul. By creating a plan, I taught myself helpful ways to unwind after a long work day and ways to get back into a positive headspace for the next day.

The best part about having a self-care routine is that as life changes overtime, so does your practice. Some may be overwhelmed by a change, but I enjoy figuring out ways to add in or take out specific tasks that do or do not bring me joy or that don't work within my schedule. A perfect example of change was when I had to move back to my parent's house during quarantine. This time completely through my daily schedule out of the window. I had to re-create a new practice that was going to fit into this new life of mine.

Here are the tasks I commit to each day to promote a healthy self-care routine:


Reading everyday has helped me stay on top of my monthly + yearly reading goals (I try to read 1-2 books per month). It's also a great way to educate yourself on the daily.


Each day I make sure to eat a well balanced whole food diet. My daily routine usually consists of eggs, a protein shake, fruits and veggies that are low in starch, gluten-free, dairy-free, organic proteins, organic fruits, lots of veggies, and more. Eating well each day sets me up for success because it makes my body feel good. If my body is in a good mood, then the rest of me is in a good mood!


After starting with my holistic nutritionist, Ashley, she made me realize how important taking daily supplements are and I believe they have helped me sustain a great healthy lifestyle.

These are the supplements that I am currently taking:

Fish oil - Contain Omega-3s which contribute to normal brain and eye development. They fight inflammation and may help prevent heart disease and a decline in brain function.

Magnesium - Can help to lower blood sugar and pressure, anti-inflammatory, etc.

Women's multi-vitamin - Contain multiple vitamins and minerals

Cranberry - May be an effective way to prevent recurring urinary tract infections (UTIs).

Cranberries contain compounds called proanthocyanidins, which prevent E. coli bacteria from attaching to the lining of your urethra and bladder.

Vitamin C - Necessary for the growth, development and repair of all body tissues. Helps formation of collagen, absorption of iron, the immune system, wound healing, and the maintenance of cartilage, bones, and teeth.

Vitamin B - Have a direct impact on your energy levels, brain function, and cell metabolism.

Probiotics - Help promote a healthy balance of gut bacteria. Your gut health is EVERYTHING!


I've been getting better at drinking more water lately and I think I have found my secret weapon. Large insulated cups with straws. Straws help me drink water down pretty quickly, so as soon as I finish a cup, I get up to refill. I try to drink as much as I can. This also helps my daily energy and mood.


Whether I get an intense workout in or I am just going for a long walk with family or friends, getting my daily exercise in is HIGH ON MY PRIORITY LIST. In order for me to feel motivated and interested enough to work out each day I need to get as creative as possible. I usually create a weekly calendar mapping out what I am going to do each day. This helps me stay on top of my activity and I always feel accomplished when I finish and get to cross off a completed workout. Moving my body each day helps every single aspect of my life.


If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I do my "daily groove" almost every morning. I learned this from Rachel Hollis who has always promoted getting up and dancing even if it's just for a couple of minutes. She has always said that if you do this, your mood and energy levels will instantly be lifted. And she's right. Dancing every single morning has lifted my spirts and genuinely puts me in a great mood for the rest of my day.


Time in quarantine has made me seriously realize how important getting outside everyday is. I need that Vitamin D! Breathing in fresh oxygen on the daily helps my mental and emotional health greatly.


I love a good night time routine! For me, there is nothing better than getting into bed a good hour before closing your eyes to read, journal, or watch a bit of tv. Lighting a candle and just relaxing in the dark in silence is such an important part to ending my days on a good note.


What I want to know: What are some tasks that you include in your daily self-care routine?

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