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My Favorite Travel Job Locations

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Happy Earth Day, friends!

Even though the human population should be celebrating the Earth 365 days a year, today has gotten me feeling all the feels about the amazing places I have traveled to for work.

Being raised in a family who loves to explore new places, I was fortunate to grow up traveling around the U.S. as well as the Dominican Republic where my mom's family lives. As I didn't have the chance to study abroad during college, I was gifted with a trip to Europe from my family as a graduation present. I packed up my things and traveled to nine different countries over a one month period with 20 strangers (would do it all over again). From that point on, I decided that I wanted to pursue a career that would include travel as it quickly became a true passion of mine.

After graduating from college I landed a job as a production coordinator for a production company in Manhattan. I knew that after a lot of hard work I would eventually be given the chance to go on travel shoots and experience the thrill of new places. For a brief explanation of what my job entailed: The company I worked for produced photo and film shoots for high-fashion brands. Brands would come to us explaining what products they needed to shoot and it was up to myself and the rest of the team to produce and coordinate the logistics. One of the largest aspects of this job was finding the locations to shoot in.

Although I am now onto a different chapter professionally, this job gave me so many incredible travel experiences. I was able to visit places that I may have never been able to plan or afford on my own! Plus, it was so much fun traveling with my team making memories by trying new restaurants, staying in breathtaking hotels, and meeting different people in the industry. Even though I was working on my computer like a dog in each of these locations, I didn't care, I've had some of the best "offices" in the world!

Here are some of favorite locations I have traveled to for work:

1. Lagos, Portugal

2. Barcelona + Tavertet, Spain

3. Scottsdale + Sedona, Arizona

4. San Diego, Los Angeles + Lancaster, California

5. London, United Kingdom

6. Miami, Florida

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