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My New Fitness Routine

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

As some of you can probably see, I have been addicted to trying out different fitness challenges over the past few months. When I began seriously working out again in March, committing to a challenge was a helpful tool in helping me get motivated and to have an organized schedule.

I recently (almost) finished Chloe Ting's Summer Shred Challenge and it wasn't exactly my favorite program for reasons that I will be sharing in an upcoming post. To give a short review, I thought her program was tricky to navigate between the schedule being on her website and then having to open it up on Youtube. Another large reason is that I wasn't completely drawn to Chloe as a fitness inspiration. No offense to anyone who loves Chloe! I do think she is great at what she does and she has helped many people achieve their fitness goals, she just didn't reel me in personally.

Whitney Simmons and her Alive app on the other hand, is my girl! I admire her. I enjoy everything she stands for and who she is as a person. A smile instantly hits my face soon as she pops up on my Instagram feed or I watch one of her YouTube videos. Her energy is intoxicating and that is what I need and look for everyday. With all of her workouts on an app, it makes life so much easier when exercising. Because of these reasons, I have decided to continue using Whitney's workouts for my next month of exercises. I have already finished her "Alive Inside" program so I am going to create my own routine for the next month using her other workouts. She has a section on her app called, "At Home" which is comprised of 5 different single workouts that do not require any equipment and are easy to achieve at home.

Along with the Alive workouts I will also be adding in cycling rides and outdoor runs using my Peloton bike and the Peloton iPhone app. I've been wanting to start running so I am hoping to gain some traction here! The Peloton instructors also know how to put a smile on my face with their motivating words and energy. They make me laugh and help me relax when I need it most.

SO! Below is the schedule I am going to try and stick to for the next 4 weeks:

Please note: I am not a certified fitness trainer or nutritionist -- this is just my personal workout schedule that I am sharing with you.



Peloton: Bike Ride (30 minutes)

Alive w. Whitney: At-Home Full Body (30 minutes)


Alive w. Whitney: At-Home HIIT (20 minutes)

Cut my grandparent's lawn (50 minutes)


Peloton: Outdoor Run (at least 30 minutes)

Alive w. Whitney: At-Home Legs (20 minutes)




Peloton: Bike Ride (30 minute)

Alive w. Whitney: At-Home Full Body Burner (20 minutes)


Peloton: Outdoor Run (at least 30 minutes)

Alive w. Whitney: At-Home Upper Body (20 minutes)



If any of you would like to join me in trying this plan out please come along for the ride! If you feel you cannot do certain aspects of this schedule, no problem, go ahead and add or take out what does or does not bring you and your body joy! Okay!?

Let's do this!

What I want to know: Are there any fitness challenges out there that you would like me to try and review?

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