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My Weekend Wardrobe Staples

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

By the time the weekend comes around I am dying for some denim, sneakers and a beanie on my head. I've noticed since getting back into the teaching world that my normal street-style is only acceptable on the weekends when I'm not with the kiddos in the classroom. When I was in the fashion production world I was easily able to throw on some jeans, a graphic tee, and some sneakers for work. Now my work outfits consist of flats, pants, and preppy sweaters. Us teachers need to start a "free denim" movement, anyone with me!?

My style has definitely changed over time, but living and working in Manhattan played a large role in influencing today's street-comfy-sporty-vibe.

Here are the weekend wardrobe staples that I simply cannot live without:


I don't think it's a secret that I have a beanie obsession. Now that my hair is longer I love the beanie look, plus I'm trying this new thing called not washing my hair everyday...so a hat comes in handy. I typically like to stick with neutral colors in my wardrobe, but with beanies I will sometimes have fun and add a pop of color. the beanie that I am wearing in these pictures is from BNLD, a local brand from Stamford, CT. BNLD has cute loungewear/streetwear and this beanie in multiple colors!


I love leggings and a good pair of jeans equally if I'm honest. I think this is a result of both not being able to wear jeans at work and also having lived in leggings for 6 months during quarantine. These jeans that I am wearing are the mid-rise distressed boyfriend straight jeans from Old Navy. I'm typically not a ripped denim lover because I have a hard time finding a pair that fits me well or have a difficult time knowing how to style them. However, I have been loving this pair! Since I am a bit on the short side, I think that ripped jeans with a tucked in top work best for my body type.


When you live in Manhattan...you somehow become a coat addict. Before I moved into the city I remember that just having church coat and a North Face puffer was enough. Over the past 5 years I've learned that that is a no-no! A coat can act as a great accessory to throw over a very simple look. The outfit I have on in these pictures is the perfect example: If I just had my jeans and a gray sweatshirt on with sneakers it would probably look a bit dull, but throw on a coat and a whole look comes together! I purchased this wool blend black coat from Zara, and I'm absolutely obsessed (I also just noticed that it is currently out of stock). Let's just say that I now understand why people have entire closets just reserved for their coats.


Wearing sweatshirts at all times is totally acceptable these days and I hope it stays that way! Adding a hoodie or large sweater is the key to achieving that comfy-sporty-street look and now as I am writing this I realize that I need to keep adding to my collection. If I'm being honest, the hoodie that I am wearing here is actually a light activewear hoodie that I purchased from Old Navy years ago...but it does the trick! It's a great way to keep comfortable all weekend long and a great layer piece.


Comfort is key, folks. And Vans are a MUST. If my feet hurt...you probably don't want to hang around me. The best part about sneakers are that just like sweatshirts, they are also acceptable to wear with just about anything. Jeans, dresses, skirts, sweats, etc. My go-to sneakers are usually Vans because they are always comfortable and so affordable; I never feel bad for buying them often. For more expensive, fashion kicks, I love these brands: Coach, Veja, & Nike.


I've gotten over the big bag faze of my life. I'm now into bags that are small and leave my hands free so crossbody bags and belt bags are my go-to on weekends. This bag that I am wearing is from Zara (here is a similar one). While I also like sticking to neutral colored bags so that they can go with just about any look, I don't mind using a bag as a pop of color in my outfit as well. What's better than being able to keep your essentials on your hip and your hands free for a beverage!? Nada.

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