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Reviving An Old Habit

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Throughout high school and college I cut my grandparent’s grass every week. It was something that my older brother did in high school to get some extra cash and it kept him busy and active. Once my brother left for the military after high school I stepped up to the plate and offered my services. After my first day of mowing my grandparents raved over the fact of how quick and precise I was. Apparently my brother (hey, Mike) used to take constant breaks until he was finished. And when I say breaks, I mean would take 2 hours off to watch TV and then get back to work. It was a full day kind of thing for him. Cutting the grass quickly became a part of my routine and I was happy to help Nama and Papas out, however once I started working in the city I didn’t have the energy or time, so I had to stop.

Fast forward to 5 years later and I figured I would offer my help again since I am back in Connecticut for a while. My grandparent’s have a pretty large yard to keep up with and while both of them help each other out and enjoy working on the yard, I think my grandpa would prefer to no longer have to mow it. So here I am! 26, quarantining in CT, and back to cutting some grass!

Let me start off by saying that cutting the grass is a workout. Granted, I was in better shape in high school and college, but dang! As you all know, I have gotten a lot more active over the past few months and working out is in my daily routine, so having this activity to do outside has been a great addition. I make sure to cut the grass on my “rest” day and use it as a way of getting some cardio in without getting too crazy. My grandparent’s have three separate yard areas that need to be cut. I get the bigger back portion done first and then finish with the two smaller sections that are a bit trickier to maneuver. By the time I am done with all three sections I’m dripping with sweat and want to lay on the grass I had just worked hard on cutting.

The best part about doing this weekly is that it has given me some time to see my grandparents for a quick chat...of course from a distance right now! Once I am finished we sit on opposite ends of their back porch and chat for almost an hour about books, their garden, the news, life, etc. Since living in the city, I obviously do not get to see them as much as I once did living full time in Connecticut. A lot of you don't know, but my grandparent’s have played a very large part in my upbringing and I owe a lot to them. They probably know me better than most people. It’s been special carving some time out to have these small moments. I know it makes them happy and it makes me happy too. We just wish we could hug each other!

It’s been fun reviving an old habit into a new habit again. You never know if or when that will happen! I forgot how much I love the smell of freshly cut grass, the sound of the birds, and the feeling of achievement once I finish the lawn. It also puts a smile on my grandparent’s faces, which is always priceless to me.

What I want to know: Is there an old habit that has suddenly come back into your life that you are loving?

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