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What I Grabbed When I Went Back To My NYC Apartment

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

After six weeks of being quarantined in Connecticut with my family, my Dad finally offered to drive me into the city to check on my apartment. I'm not going to lie, it kept me up at night thinking about how it was going to make me feel. I wasn't so much nervous about New York being the epicenter of COVID-19, but about seeing my home and not wanting to leave because I've missed it so much. On the ride in I was pretty quiet, and then once I saw the Manhattan skyline I instantly started tearing up. I've only lived in the city for about a year and half, but it's been a part of my everyday life for the past 5 years. It has taken this awful pandemic to make me realize how much I do appreciate my home.

Approaching my neighborhood was different than usual. It was eery and empty...and of course the icky, rainy weather didn't help. My family stayed in the car while I jumped out and entered my building. First things first, I asked my doorman for any packages and then checked my mail. After noticing that all of the furniture in the lobby had been taken out and the large clear plastic board in front of the front desk, I immediately wanted to run and see my comfy little home upstairs.

Opening my front door, I was filled with all of the feels. Happiness, gratitude, sadness, anxiousness. I immediately walked into my bedroom. It was exactly as I had left it. Bed was made, everything organized, and that awesome view of the Brooklyn bridge was still there. I plopped onto my bed because it is the one thing I've undeniably missed most. Remembering my family was waiting for me downstairs, I got to business. I worked on emptying my refrigerator (which was absolutely disgusting), unplugged a few things (not sure if that even makes a difference), and then went from room to room grabbing items that I wanted to take back with me to Connecticut.

Here are the goodies I grabbed, that I am surprised I've lived without for 6 weeks:

Dr. Dennis Gross - Pure Perfecting Cleansing Gel


It's very unfortunate that I only had a teeny bit left, BUT I WILL TAKE IT. I finally found my favorite facial cleanser. This baby is soap and sulfate free and has been great for my sensitive skin type. I love how it comes in this big pump bottle as well, it lasts forever and I just keep it in my shower.

Origins - Charcoal Clear Improvement Mask


My obsession is real for this mask. It is one of the only masks lately that doesn't cause a major reaction on my skin. I usually use this on Sunday evenings during my self care sesh. It's a thick and creamy consistency that I love.

Caudalíe - Beauty Elixir


Ohhhh Caudalíe. I keep this next to my bed and use it on the daily for a nice refresher. I've missed this because it's the perfect thing to have when you are stuck inside all day to spritz and wake you up. It's a nice little way to brighten your mood!

Burt's Bees - Conditioning Lip Scrub


Anyone else's lips a freaking disaster right now!? My lips have been so dry while being inside. I use this Burt's Bees lip scrub during my weekly Sunday routine as well. It's important to take care of your lips because you never know what's gonna happen after you're free from quarantine *wink wink* (#quarantinebae).

Peloton Cycling Shoes


While cycling over the past 6 weeks with just my regular sneakers has been fine, there is nothing like using actual spinning shoes. With proper shoes I'm not afraid of falling off, rolling my ankle or any other nonsense. It's the only item I kicked myself in the butt over for forgetting in the first place!

Bang & Olufsen Headphones


I love these B&O headphones because they are completely noise cancelling. I must say, I have many different kinds of headphones, but these are superb. I primarily use them when I am laying in bed on my iPad and my roommate is out in the living room watching TV. For those of you who don't know, I live in a studio flex apartment, so we essentially live in one big room. Having good headphones is essential in this case.



I brought home my favorite Abercrombie & Fitch bathing suit because believe it or not...summer weather will be approaching before we know it. With my family owning a boat, having my bathing suit will be my daily uniform at some point. This is one of my favorite suits because it combines the best of both worlds.

Denim Jacket


Ugh, I can't wait to wear my denim jacket! Again, with the warmer weather coming, I wear this sucker almost everyday. I finally found this Kut from the Kloth jacket which is a little bit stiff and stretchy at the same time. It took me forever to find a comfortable and affordable denim, I highly recommend!



I figured I would bring this home as I am now blogging a lot more than I used to! I bought this tripod off of Amazon and it's a great tool to have when filming or taking pictures.

Having the opportunity to drive into the city to see my apartment was big for me, and I know that not everyone has the ability to do this. Even though I was very sad about having to pack up even more things for the time being, I've had to consistently remind myself that this isn't going to last forever, I will soon be back in my overpriced home with my roommate living the life I love. Being able to bring back some small things is making Connecticut feel a bit more comfortable and normal for the time being and has me looking forward to my next self-care beauty day!

What I want to know: What are the five things you would take with you if you had to up and leave your home? (Besides any human or pets).

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